Highly Nonlinear Approximations for Sparse Signal Representation


Matlab Files

Image Processing:

  • CalcPSNR returns the PSNR between the original image and its approximation
  • DCos generates a matrix whos columns are discrete cosine vectors
  • DetectLines returns the index of vertical impulsive lines in an image
  • GenerateHats Generates a hat dictionary
  • GenerateTrapezium generates a vector representing a trapezium
  • ImageApproximation Returns an approximation of an image generated by choosing atoms from dictionary using either thresholding or a greedy algorithm
  • RemoveSimilarAtoms removes any similar atoms from a given dictionary
  • TranslatePrototype translates a vector to construct either a dictionary or a basis
To download all the routines click here.
All the presented routines are described in detail in our manual (ps,pdf).