Highly Nonlinear Approximations for Sparse Signal Representation


Matlab Files

Uniform Spline Dictionaries:

  • BSpline gives the analytical form of k-th B-spline of order m on l-th subinterval of given partition t
  • DictSpline generates dictionary of cardinal B-spline functions of order m
  • Differ calculates (s-1)-th divided difference of \max((t-x)^(m-1),0) where s is the number of knots in sequence t (i.e., s=length(t))
  • ErrorTest tests orthogonality of a sequence or biorthogonality of two sequences
  • Green calculates (x_+)^m = x^m for x>=0 (it is 0 for x<0). This functions is known as truncated powers
  • NormDict normalizes a given dictionary
  • SplineLevel generates a B-spline dictionary depending on given parameters
  • SymSpline gives the analytical form of B-spline of order m with knots in partition t
  • TSpline generates B-spline basis of order m corresponding to knot sequence t
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All the presented routines are described in detail in our manual (ps,pdf).